Workers Compensation

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Workers Compensation

Sydney Rehab has a unique position on workers compensation. We will come to a gym facility, workplace or even your home to deliver your rehabilitation. With multiple connections through Sydney in workplace rehab, insurance companies and gym facilities we are equipped to take you from start to finish.

Regular contact with the insurance company and case manager ensures that the rehabilitation process is simple. this will ensure that you can focus on getting the care you need to return to full health.

What’s Involved In Workers Compensation Physical Therapy?

Sydney Rehab specialists will help you organise your claim. We can talk to employers and case managers to be able to speed up the process. Once your claim has been accepted we can decide on the best course of rehab for you. You will then start therapy with your physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, occupational therapist, or dietitian. Sydney rehab can help with all.

What You have to Do

Contact us today and we will talk you through the process. We are here to help in any way possible.

Our practitioners at Sydney Rehab are highly qualified professionals with years of experience and the highest qualifications. Rest assured that you will receive the highest standard of health care available in Sydney.

We have all the necessary equipment and skills to provide a complete service for any injury or condition.

*Individual results may vary with any of our services.

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