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Sydney Rehab Physiotherapy offers treatment for all conditions and injuries. We come to your location to provide a service that we think surpasses that of traditional Physiotherapy clinics. With all the equipment necessary, our therapists come to your home or workplace to diagnose, treat and plan to prevent future flare ups. Mobile Physiotherapy has been around for decades, but mobile physiotherapy like this is something new.

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Your Therapist

We have a system to be able to choose a therapist to suit you and your particular concern. When you are requesting your appointment, you will be able to tell us what you want out of the session. This is important as it allows us to deliver the session that YOU want. Whats more is that our therapists are trained by Sydney Rehabs trademark development platform, which means the standards are upheld.

General Physiotherapy

  • We provide a comprehensive range of methods to rehabilitate your injury fast and effectively. General Physiotherapy doesn’t have to be “standard treatment” We believe that many practitioners fall into a routine without pushing the barriers. Sydney Rehab is always striving to develop new and more effective ways to treat you and your family.

Back Pain

  • Back injuries are among the most common injuries in Australia. Unfortunately they are often misdiagnosed, and therefore mistreated. We have extensive experience in back treatment (lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine). Our connection to top Sydney surgeons and specialists means that you will be taken care of no matter what your needs are. Back treatment requires careful hands on therapy and solid education for the patient. Only this way will you succeed at ridding your pain as soon as possible.

Neck Pain

  • We offer many forms of manual therapy including massage, MET (muscle energy techniques) and mobilisations. Neck pain comes in many different forms with many different sources. Treatment for neck pain by Sydney Rehab Physiotherapists will ensure a speedy recovery saving you time and money.

Shoulder Pain

  • Shoulder pain stopping you from working, playing or sleeping? You are not alone. Shoulders are an inherently unstable joint that requires a master at prescribing exercises. We believe that shoulder treatment is the easy part of your journey. Of course we provide all the necessary manual therapy to treat your pain and symptoms, but more importantly we can provide exercises that will prevent this from happening again. Think of it this way, if you want treatment for your shoulder, try and aim to make it the last time it needs treatment.

Sports Injury

  • Many sports injury clinics have big open rooms and treat multiple patients at the same time. This type of treatment platform has become the norm for sports clinics. However they have lost something crucial to patient care…privacy and attention. We have sports Physiotherapy treatment programs and practitioners, but we have one on one sessions with the focus completely on you. Whats more is that we still have the tools that a big clinic has in mobile versions. Our therapists have had experience with almost all Australian sports being the team Physiotherapists for all major codes. Call us today to discuss Sports Physiotherapy.

Massage Therapy

  • Home massage therapy can be more relaxing and much more comfortable than going to a clinic. Whats more is that when the treatment is finished, you are still in your home meaning that you don’t have to drive home and undo all of the good work we have done. Massage therapy at home is the perfect way to unwind, relax or even prevent injuries from developing. Our massage therapists have extensive experience and have hands on techniques that will leave you wanting more.

Deep Tissue Massage

  • Deep Tissue Massage like regular massage but more remedial. It aims to target the pain source and to release the pain causing mechanism.

Pregnancy Massage

  • If you’re expecting, pregnancy massage can help to make you feel more comfortable in this exciting time. Our therapists are experienced at this specialist treatment and will always listen to your concerns and requests. We are highly trained to treat you and your baby with the utmost care and diligence that we would expect for our own family.

Remedial Massage

  • Remedial massage aims to treat injuries that don’t need heavy diagnosis. This is also good for the sub-acute phase of injury when your body is needing that little extra to get rid of the last bit of pain. Remedial massage is perfect for someone who wants their massage to be more targeted with an increased intensity to relaxation massage.

Men’s Health Advice

  • Sometimes, you need a more specialised approach for your problems. Owner Andrew Sumner has experience dealing with health issues that only affect men and can give you treatment and advice.

Women’s Health Advice

  • As well as pregnancy massage, we offer women’s health advice and treatment for problems that only affect women. We treat every problem with the respect and understanding it deserves.

Our practitioners at Sydney Rehab are highly qualified professionals with years of experience and the highest qualifications. Rest assured that you will receive the highest standard of health care available in Sydney.

We have all the necessary equipment and skills to provide a complete service for any injury or condition.

*Individual results may vary with any of our services.

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