Weight Loss

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Weight loss and weight management is a commonly used term. It seems that these days everyone knows something about weight loss and as we know the internet is flooded with information that may or may not be true.

Weight loss and weight management is a VERY complex process that requires careful planning to ensure effectiveness and maintenance of your loss. Sometimes losing weight is easy and sometimes its not depending on many factors such as genetics, hormones and lifestyle. In some cases losing the weight was relatively simple, but keeping it off is another story all together. Sydney Rehab has all the necessary qualifications, experience and tools to deliver a gold standard weight loss/ management program specifically designed for you.

We work alongside Sydney’s best Endocrinologists and other weight loss specialists to provide a complete approach to ensure you reach your goals. Our Director of Sydney Rehab has nearly 20 years experience in prescribing weight management programs with high rate of success. Our therapists/trainers have undertaken psychology training in order to coach our clients effectively. You will be surprised by the difference in quality between “average” trainers, and Sydney Rehab trainers.

The difference is experience and qualifications. Whether you have tried before or this is your first time, we can help get you on the right track.

Whats Involved:

With Sydney Rehab, your multi-qualified practitioners with many years experience will perform a thorough initial consultation to go through your history, injury profile and of course, goals. We may even integrate a DEXA scan into this with our sister company Healthy Imaging to ensure you are losing fat and not muscle. We will even do an injury profile which is unique to most weight loss programs. As our Personal trainers and Exercise Physiologists are trained by Physiotherapists, we are able to drastically reduce your chances of re-injury, keeping you on track to reach your weight loss goal as quickly and safely as possible. Our Director and head therapists are also dual qualified Masters of Physiotherapy/ Exercise Physiologists.

Lose Fat, not Muscle:

Through our own extensive research with DEXA scanning, we have found that unfortunately a lot of people are losing muscle mass when losing weight. We will be able to help you optimise losing fat rather than muscle. Believe it or not, the human body burns muscle for fuel relatively easily. It will store your fat cells for times when it really needs it (think survival), and preference the burning of muscle cells. It is extremely important that you don’t lose too much muscle mass as this directly affects your metabolism. So when you train with Sydney Rehab trainers, we will change your mindset and plan to lose “fat” and not just “weight”.

Maintaining your weight loss success:

Not only will we help you lose weight, but we will set out the framework to successfully keep the weight off*.

  • We aim for long-term change*. We will help you lose weight, but more importantly help you keep it offHave you ever heard of yo-yo dieting. This is the most common reason for putting back on that weight you lost from dieting. The body recognises a quick reduction in the amount of calories the body is consuming and can only assume one thing, that you are starving. Therefore the body will automatically reduce your metabolism (body’s ability to burn off calories), to survive. Once you go back onto your previous diet then the body will usually regain weight and most of the time gain more than you lost. You have to get a diet that is balanced, healthy and SUSTAINABLE, meaning something you can continue to keep up for the rest of your life.
  • Support from family, friends and of course the Professionals. We think it is a must to have the support of your family, friends, co-workers and whoever else you trust. Once you have them in your corner not only does it push you a little more but they will hopefully act as a support network when things get difficult.
  • Goal setting. We will help clarify your goals for weight loss to make them realistic and attainable. Set yourself an ultimate goal for the future, like being able to fit back into your wedding suit. You must also set short term goals though. Short term goals are far more attainable and realistic in the near to mid future. Goal setting allows you also to measure your performance and alter it according to your ultimate goal.
  • Use tools that help you track your progress. Food diaries or calorie counting can be a great way to see exactly where you are going wrong. Also tracking your weight loss is important if your goal is weight loss. If your goal is more shape orientated than maybe taking measurements can help, or even better a DEXA scan, the gold standard in body composition scanning. In order to determine which type of tracking and goal setting is appropriate for you consult with us, the professionals. See Healthy Imaging for more info.

*Individual results may vary. Sydney Rehab trainers are focused on helping you achieve long term weight loss by guiding you in your fitness and nutrition routines.


Our practitioners at Sydney Rehab are highly qualified professionals with years of experience and the highest qualifications. Rest assured that you will receive the highest standard of health care available in Sydney.

We have all the necessary equipment and skills to provide a complete service for any injury or condition.

*Individual results may vary with any of our services.

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